The Technical Analysis Package Save money by picking up the Technical Analysis Package! In this bundle you’ll find: The Mastering Price Action course is 7 weeks long and goes into: – Buyers and Sellers – Gauging Momentum – Market Condition and States – Money Spot – Time Frames – V-Formations – Probes, Fake Outs and Spikes Price $249 The Core Basics course is a 4 week supplementary course to the MPA for students who need that little extra basic knowledge: – Breaches – The Universe – Territories and Who Started It – Let’s Do Some Examples Together Price $29 The 4 Course Bundle is an 27 week advanced course for people who are already profitable from the Mastering Price Action course, but who want to step up their game. In here they learn how to make more profit from the same kind of trade they took based on what you learned in the Mastering Price Action course. It’s preferred that our students finish the Mastering Price Action before going into the 4 Course Bundle. During the 4 Course Bundle you will have access to 1 month free Trial to the Elite Community. Here are the 4 main topics of the 4 Course Bundle: – Correlation – Supply and Demand – Timing – Roadmap Price $997

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