Website Banner Now Ready

Traffic Boost Supports Website Banners

Traffic Boost was upgraded to a new framework and now support some more features. Please check detail as below.

Full Supported SSL

This mean, any website URL start with http: will no longer able to be display on Traffic Boost iframe. Please upgrade your web-server to use SSL if you still want to use Traffic Boost. All existing website URLs on Traffic Boost have been converted to https: this also mean that any of these website servers do not support SSL will not able to be displayed on Traffic Boost too.

Supported Website Banners

Websites were added to Traffic Boost now can be enable to use as banner or both website and banner. When banner option was selected. The website banner will be showed on one of 4 banners on Traffic Boost. Like below one for example.

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Banner's dimensions can be vary but total it only has two max dimensions "750x90" and "360x250". When enable banner for a website. You should add two URLs for two size of banners.

Points Charging for Banners

At the moment points of the website will be charged every 100 hits. This means if the banner was showed 100 times. System will charge number of points was assigned to the website.

For ex. 100 points was assigned to the website (which has banners) then:

  • After 50 times the banners were showed up. System will charge 100 points from the account.
  • But, if the banner was clicked. System will charge 100 points (even the assigned points is less than 100).

Note: The priority of banners to be showed also base on the number of points were assigned to the website.

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