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These are my personal trading strategies and tips. This is my proprietary information. While I tried to share as much as possible I realized that there is quite a bit I didn’t cover. Even in the Order Flow Trading Course, I shared more and more, but still there were many things I just didn’t have the time to put in as their concepts are more advanced.

Webinar 1 – POC
POC is an overlooked tool by many traders, but it reveals a lot about the market. Look for POC at certain locations at extremes of bars when a move has been made. If longer term money is involved in a move then it is probably more serious and you will see POC migrating up in a move up as POC acts as support or POC migrating lower in a move down as POC acts as resistance.
This wave like action, with the POC moving up and up is often a sign of institutional activity. Orderflows – Orderflows Inner Circle Video Club Access

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