How It Works


- WorldWide One line (Single-line) structure.
- Every new user will be placed under previous joined user according to Autopool Entry amount transaction ’Timestamp.’
Timestamp : It is recorded by the Ethereum Blockchain that gives the received time of the respective transactions.
- One Line : Every new user pays entry amount to previous joined user 100% from user’s wallet to user’s wallet. (Pee to peer )
- Real WorldWide Autopool : One line Autopool structure is irrespective to referral line or sponsors line. Hence this is real One line WorldWide Autopool system gives opportunity to earn passive income by WorldWide growth of Unstoppable ‘MVM’
- Pool Entry Protocols : Autopool 1 to 15 entry protocols are deployed and written on smart contract code.
Every New user starts from Autopool 1. It’s mandatory to enter new Autopool in connective way.
Autopool one line structure is based on first enter first get paid protocol.
To enter Autopool 1 : No Direct Referral necessary
- Autopool 2 : No Direct Referral necessary
From Autopool 3 to 10 Every Autopool need +2 Direct Referral to eligible for Autopool entry

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